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What’s the Point of Gossiping?

Updated: May 3

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Day after day, when I'm walking through the school campus, I can overhear all the latest, juiciest gossip about so and so's life. But what's the point? Staying up to date with a best friend's life, for example, is one thing, but spreading rumors? That's too far. Not only is it too far, but it's just plain unproductive behavior. The amount of time we waste and all the moments we lose out on where we could be having an actual, productive conversation is huge!

Suppose we choose to avoid spreading false information and instead discuss mutually beneficial topics such as what we enjoy or what we learned. In that case, we will live much more productive lives. Just think about it, when gossiping with a friend, what do you gain from the conversation? Cool, now you know about the "ugly" dress someone wore on Tuesday… awesome!

Productivity is essential, especially in high school. I frequently hear classmates complain about the lack of time they have due to their classes' intensity. Then later, they'll continue to gossip instead of using that time to work on assignments. The same scenario can be applied to a traditional work environment as well. Why waste that precious time with others when instead you can use it to become more prepared for all the hard work you have to do? Or better yet, do something that will make you happy long term, such as becoming a better dancer, practicing making music, or even trying to start a small business!

I am lucky to be going to a much smaller, independent study high school now, opposed to a few years ago when I went to a bigger school. It always bothered me why many chose to waste their time gossiping when they could have a much more positive, productive conversation. Besides, what do you gain from it? Gossiping is just a huge waste of time that we should avoid and move away from.

Nick Tivy, TeensForHope Writer

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