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What justice is to me & the qualities of a good judge

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It is believed that the legal profession originated in Ancient Greece. The speakers of Athens defended their "friends" because at that time people needed to defend themselves or call a friend to protect them. In addition, no one could choose a member of the judges for their own court. The judges were randomly selected and were part of various social strata. Slowly looking through the dusty layers of that time, I understand how ancient the legal profession actually is and how many changes it has gone through. That is why, when we look at a judge, we are actually observing the result of the long history and evolution of lawyers. And although, of course, a lot has changed, there is something that has remained the same. This is the pursuit of justice!

What does justice mean? This is compliance with the principles of reason, generally accepted standards of good and evil, and established conditions, laws, regulations, contracts, etc. A just society is a society in which everyone fulfils their roles and contributes to development and prosperity. I strongly believe that if a society is fair, it is also harmonious. Unfortunately, life is unfair, and that is why we need laws and, in particular, justice and fairness. These terms (justice and fairness), as a rule, change their meaning according to the situation and the person who uses them. In my opinion, they are crucial. They are a vital part of the structure of society – They’re what supports it. Through them, we protect our constitutional rights, resolve various situations and apply laws in a fair and rational manner. Laws govern society, and when the border between legal and illegal intersects, the role of judicial authorities appears - sanctioning lawbreakers. The main aspiration of any claim is for the final result to be fair and the guilty to be sanctioned properly. This is a difficult task. That is why we should be grateful for judges!

So, what should a judge be like? A judge should be a model of a full-fledged participant in modern society. According to the great philosopher, Socrates – “Four things belong to a judge: To hear courteously, To answer wisely, To consider soberly, And to decide impartially”. Judges are the basis of our entire judicial system, so it is extremely important that they are well selected. I believe, they should be well acquainted with the laws and ready for in-depth legal research. Judges are the embodiment of pure reason and responsibility, so their conscience should be undisturbed. And most importantly, judges should be honest, impartial, and devoid of any political fervour. It is no coincidence that a common embodiment of justice is a woman blinded by a blindfold, who holds a scale in one hand. This is Temida, the goddess of justice. According to myths, she wrote the first unwritten laws issued by the heavenly gods for correct behaviour. She is regarded as the "Greek incarnation of divine retribution". The blindfold symbolizes the impartiality and objectivity of the law and the fact that Temida does not allow external factors, such as politics, wealth, or fame, to influence her decisions.

Temida is the embodiment of the ideal that all judges should strive for. Nevertheless, the law requires justice, so the pursuit of justice is a necessity if we want to move forward in modern society, striving for a better, more just, and impartial world!

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