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What is Social Justice?

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What is Social Justice?

Social justice, it’s possible you have heard this term before but if not what is social justice? According to The San Diego Foundation, “Social justice means equal rights and opportunities for all people.“ The goal of social justice is to strike a balance between equality and ensure that marginalized groups get treated equally by others and have the same opportunities as the more dominant groups in a community. Marginalized, meaning groups of people who face discrimination who they are or their current situation, or something that has happened in their past. Examples of marginalized groups could be racial or cultural minorities, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, people living in poverty, senior citizens, and so on.

Why is social justice important?

Social justice strives for equality within these groups. Unfortunately, in our modern world, not everyone gets treated the same by others and is given equal opportunities. This is why social justice leaves importance that is crucial in society, it focuses on the improvement of those lives who are treated unfairly. We are all human and deserve the essentials of a healthy and happy life. Social justice makes sure and promotes things like protecting those with disabilities, equality of genders, and defending discrimination whether it is ageism, racism, religion-based and so on.

How has social justice impacted our world?

Social justice has drastically changed the world we live in and is constantly changing as we know it. Historically and in today’s world, multiple laws have been passed as a result of social justice and activism. An extremely historical example of this could be laws being passed in order to end segregation within schools and society. Another example could be the 19nth amendment which granted women the right to vote. In conclusion, social justice is an incredibly important topic and action in today’s world. There are many things wrong with today’s world that are still being fought for. Social justice is a process and in order to get what we deserve as humans, fighting for what you believe in plays a pivotal role in future generations and society as a whole.

Ask yourself, what does social justice mean to you? Think about it, maybe you can share your answer with a friend or comment it down below. Here are a few answers from some people I know,

“ Social justice is important to me because it is the view that everyone deserves the same economic, political and social opportunities” -Samantha Artwohl

“Social justice means to me when people are discriminated against for their religion, race, culture, sexuality or something else” - Leyna Meyer

“It means getting justice or acknowledging that people get bullied or cast out because of their looks or other reasons.” - Hannah Butler

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