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Thriving not Surviving

Updated: May 3

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Here’s a starter pack for thriving not surviving:

1. Stay Motivated

Staying motivated might seem like a silly rule to follow, but ultimately life is all about who achieves their goals and who doesn’t. Whether it’s being motivated to maintain your health, find new hobbies, or just to buy that product you’ve always wanted, looking forward to something is important when it comes to having good mental health.

2. Keep a healthy mind

COVID and everything that is going on right now has taken a toll on our mental health. Some ways to clear your mind and find inner peace can be spending 10 minutes doing yoga in the morning or an evening walk with your dog. Take some moments to spend with your family and cherish them no matter how annoying they are at times. Finding an outlet where you can take a moment to breathe and reflect will make a difference in your life.

3. Organize

You might have heard a lot of people say “doing your bed in the morning makes your day better”, and that’s true. Of those who dressed the bed each morning, 58 percent reported being productive at work and 34 percent said they were very productive. For non-bed-makers, far fewer described themselves as very productive, only about a fifth (www.cnbc.com). Cleaning your workspace is also an important factor in achieving goals in the long run. If you have a hard time getting work done on time, procrastinating, or you just like to write things down,; getting a planner or journal is a good investment to make. Just writing down your assignments for that day and highlighting them as you finish will bring unusual joy.

4. Take a break

Yes, the world is fast-paced and trends are over in a blink of an eye, but we all need a break sometimes. Life is hard and your feelings are valid so next time you feel too tired with life, take a nap, or binge watch that show because it is difficult and you deserve it. Life is too short to contemplate eating another scoop of ice cream.

You are not alone

Mental Health Hotline (NAMI): 800-950-6264

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