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The World Needs Snowflakes: There’s nothing wrong with being a sensitive feminist

With an uprising of political, gender, and racial sensitivity in our society due to an increased social awareness via social media, there has also been a counter movement of old-fashioned reactionaries fighting against the tides of social change. You’ll find them trolling Tik Tok comment sections when women or minority groups speak up against inequality, silencing the message of the video and deeming sympathizers as overly dramatic with one word: “snowflake.”

The name-calling may seem funny to some, but it suppresses the opinions of those trying to speak up and negates the truth that social injustice is happening in our society. Especially when the majority of the people making those comments aren’t affected by social inequality themselves and have no personal experience with what others are speaking out about.

It may take an extra effort for privileged groups — myself included — to understand something we haven’t experienced or seen first-hand, but we can’t simply ignore the sensitivities of others and deem their problems non-existent. It would be ignorant and apathetic to treat others like their experiences don’t matter simply because we can’t relate.

If you enter a Tik Tok comment section and see someone objecting to the insensitivity of a video and catch yourself thinking that they’re over-analyzing the situation or being too sensitive, check your privilege. We need to do a better job of realizing when our privilege — whether it be racial or due to our gender or sexuality — obscures how we perceive jokes, comments and situations that may be extremely hurtful to other groups. It’s ridiculous to think that privileged groups should be able to determine whether something is offensive when it’s not even intended toward them.

Defying this logic, boys still make sexist jokes about women and call anyone who is hurt by the comment a “snowflake.” Boys cannot relate to the feelings of women, so where do they get this authority to judge whether or not girls are being overly sensitive?

With this in mind, don’t let the uninformed opinions of others discourage you from sharing your voice and inciting social change. The world needs people to call out society’s flaws — it’s the only way to improve on a mass scale. Major change won’t be reached without the determination of people to make their voices heard, even when others try to silence them.

If not for the sensitive feminists who call people out for their offenses and question the normalized sexism women experience, it would be easy for the feminist movement to be overlooked and shut down. Though they are names spoken distastefully by many men and even some women, “femi-nazis,” and “snowflakes” are the ones you have to thank for the progression of our society away from sexism.

— Francesca Stamati, TeensForWomen Writer

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