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The Power in Choosing to Say "No"

In this blog, Lele will be talking about why saying "no" is the best decision for certain situations. Trigger Warning!!!!!

I would like to warm up to you all and let you all warm up to me with a slight introduction. I am Lele, I am a Hozier stan, My personality type is an INFJ and I didn't know the power behind a two letter word until I began to discover myself and what I am capable of. Often times it is very easy to get caught in a cycle of "for everyone except me" which is almost worst than a chore cycle.

Struggling with saying no could stem from many different situations such as (TW) childhood trauma, abuse of some sort, manipulation and many other circumstances. With this being said I am here to say that if you are or were that person, it's okay, but it's time for a change! It is time for you to take your life back and say no! Use the powers granted by the Universe and use them with love and meaning! Your intention plays a big part in the Karma you are granted and the help that stems from your life guides.

The word no is a Middle English adverb that is used to give a negative response to a question or action. Therefore, there is significant meaning and strength in the word! I haven't mastered rambling about a word yet, but I hope that something was relayed from the words on your screen to the particles of understandings in your brain! REMEMBER: 1) Say no freely and with power! 2) Live life for your well being! 3) You are a soul using a vessel to get around and experience the gift of life given from the Universe; Enjoy it baby!

Have a wonderful week! Manifesting positivity, love and joy into your week! <33

~ Lele <3

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