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The Importance of Expressing Yourself

Updated: Jun 29

Sample of Abstract Art - The Virtual Instructor


It's important to express yourself and show how you feel towards a particular subject rather than trying to stay isolated. I get it, many people suffer from anxiety or other traits that inhibit them from opening up, but there are so many like-minded people out in the world that share the same interests as you. If you choose to not express yourself and hold all emotions and opinions inside of you, nobody will know the "real" you, and you will always be the person who reacts rather than the person that responds.

Expressing yourself to the entire internet world can be a daunting task, though conveniently, there are plenty of other ways you can express yourself, like speaking with a trusted adult or family member, for example. You can even find a group that suits your interests and talk about what you enjoy there! The point is, you shouldn't keep all your opinions and feelings to yourself since you may feel overwhelmed by the countless thoughts roaming in your mind. How often you express yourself is entirely up to you; in the end, only you know how far your boundaries go.

I want to share a topic I just learned recently known as responding vs. reacting. Responding as opposed to reacting is the concept where you are in charge of what goes on around you. By only reacting, you allow others to dictate the scene and the environment. This, as a result, can create a toxic environment that will destroy your mood. This can happen in any interaction, and it's unrealistic to just avoid people as a temporary solution. When choosing to express yourself, you become the person who responds rather than the one that reacts, giving you your fair share of deciding how the situation should be.

By not expressing yourself, your emotions and thoughts will be trapped inside you. There is little fulfillment in life from the feeling of being trapped. After expressing yourself, your surroundings will begin to mold around you. While you may lose friends who have opposing beliefs, you will find others that will end up being your soulmates from the strong personal connections you share with each other. It is best to have a small painting filled with vibrant colors than a dull, monotone painting to represent your life.

Nick Tivy - TeensForHope

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