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The Importance of Being Comfortable With Your Identity

Updated: May 3

There are a variety of things that make up your identity. These elements of yourself can be as straightforward as your name, or as complex as your sexuality. Being comfortable with different parts of who you are seems simple, and for some people it may be; however, if you are struggling to figure out how you want to be perceived, you are not alone.

Knowing who you are is different than being confident in yourself. For example, pretend you are going to a dinner party and the attire is business casual. You pick out an outfit that you love and are confident in, but you are not sure if it classifies as business casual. Liking something, and being unable to categorize something are two completely different things and I would argue they are only slightly related.

Lately I have been struggling with different parts of my identity. This leaves me feeling confused and a little resentful, because it seems like the whole world was apt to label me from the second I was born. Sure this feeling of incompleteness does not arise in my day to day life, but it still frustrates me and is completely valid. I want to open my blog posts to the exploration of who I am, and if what I write about helps you as well, then I am exceeding the expectations of my goal.

When I think of my identity I think of the big three: sexual identity, gender identity, and racial identity. I doubt anyone is fully secure in who they are in terms of all three of these categories (if you are, I am impressed). On the other end of the spectrum, I think there are also people who are comfortable with not categorizing who they are in these categories as well. Personally, I will be sharing my experiences with each of these aspects of my identity within my next posts, so if that interests you, I urge you to continue staying updated with the TeensForHope blog!

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