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The Confinement of This Years Holidays

Happy Holidays! This year we have been facing unprecedented challenges such as having to communicate virtually, learning online, and keeping in contact with friends. Many of us have been spending our time alone this past year. On top of that, this holiday season is different from any other. Finding new ways to experience the holidays, which brought us cheer and excitement has been difficult. Normally, I would spend my holidays with my huge family. This year I barely got to see any of them. Knowing that I wouldn't get to see most of my family, made me lose the holiday spirit which I look forward to all year. After this year brought so much sorrow and pain, people are still finding hope knowing that there is a new year coming around.

Although we spend the holidays alone with our thoughts overcoming us, we should be grateful for the limited amount of people we are surrounded by. We must also acknowledge that others are not as fortunate to spend the holidays with even one person. I was grateful to spend time with my parents, watching movies, and opening gifts. I could not be any happier than just witnessing how joyful they were. This coming year is a sign of hope for many of us who wanna put this year behind us that took time away from our loved ones and friends. However, we still need to work together to overcome any obstacle that life brings us. Spending this holiday season alone can be a difficult experience, but there will always be someone there for you to talk to whether it is your parents or another loved one that lives with you. On the off chance you live alone, there are many services you can reach out to that will be able to provide support. There is no harm in being able to communicate your feelings with people, you deserve to have someone listen and at the very least guide you towards happiness that has been waiting for you to awaken inside of you. I hope you were all able to receive at least a little bit of joy over the holidays, and I hope that 2021 will be a better year for all of us.

Camilla Mendez, TeensForHope Head Editor

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