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Self Love: a guide to your perfect summer body

picture credits: mikenzi jones (etsy.com)

“With bikinis, summer dresses, shorts, and warmer weather, the excitement of summer comes with the pressure to fit our bodies into a summer body ideal,” says Ashley Lytwyn, RDN, nutrition therapist at Breathe Life Healing Center in West Hollywood, CA. Sometimes it is hard to be positive about your own body when you see the perfect models with textureless skin or photoshopped hourglass figures, but if you let it get to you it can be detrimental to your mental health. Social media gets it wrong sometimes! Around this time of year diets, restrictive eating, and unhealthy weight loss are at their peak. As restrictive behaviors with food increase, mental obsessions with food increase, as do guilt and shame(sheknows.com)

If you want to exercise or take up a new diet, remember to do it for you. Not anyone else, it is your body after all. “A healthy body is one that is sustainably and consistently nourished, not deprived and obsessing over food. Flaws and imperfections are completely normal and once we embody them, it allows us to create a life around the things we love — family, friends, fun, not just food!”

That’s why it’s important to remember that your body is the only one you have in this lifetime, so treat it well and take care of it. As long as there is summer and you have a body, you are ready to drive to the beach and have your summer body. Around 50% of people in the U.S. feel dissatisfied with their body and how they look, according to a study done by Heather R. Gallivan, PsyD, LP Park Nicollet Melrose Center. You don’t need to change your body, society needs to change its mind.

So I’m here to remind you, along with many others, that your body is perfect, beautiful and made just for you. Our bodies are just protective, unique cases for our hearts.

Credits to: sheknows.com

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