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People Shouldn’t Be Limited By Stereotypes

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Image from Vogue December 2020 issue

Society tends to expect people to stay

inside stereotypes that were created over time. They think that men should date women and women should date men, that only women can wear skirts and dresses and only men can wear suits and ties, that men should have a high paying job while women should stay home and watch the kids, and the list goes on. When someone steps over that boundary and does something different in the slightest bit, people get furious, but for what reason? 

For example, in the recent December issue of Vogue  (https://www.vogue.com/article/harry-styles-cover-december-2020) , Harry Styles was pictured wearing a dress, which he rocked by the way.  He received some hate for it because it was seen as “not manly”, but who is to say what is and isn’t manly? 

Another example is that when a couple is a part of the LGBTQ+ community, they often either get a mass amount of hate or they are over-sexualized.  Why can't they just be with each other and not have to worry that they are crossing some kind of line that shouldn't be crossed? 

These thoughts such as, “Because society sees it as wrong.” or “ I shouldn't do this, dress like this, or be with them.” limit so many people, simply because it's not what society says they should do. If that person is not hurting anyone, then why do other people care so much? These boundaries need to be broken. People should be able to be themselves without being limited by what society might think or say. People like Harry Styles, King Princess, Lizzo, and many others are crossing that boundary because they are tired of the stereotypes that have been created, and that is a huge thing that has inspired many people to be themselves and not care about what others think of them. Everyone should be able to be themselves without feeling like they are doing something wrong. 

So wear what you want to wear, date who you want to date, paint your nails if you want to paint your nails, and do what makes you happy, as long as it isn't physically hurting anyone. A quote by Harry Styles I strongly live by and want to leave you with is, “I want you to do whatever makes you happiest in the world.” Be yourself, express yourself, and love yourself. 

Makayla White, TeensForWomen Head Editor

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