• Aratrika Ghosh

Main Character Vibes

Mental illness can effect all of us no matter what situation we’re in. Especially during a global pandemic. So here’s some tips on how you can keep your mind busy,heart happy and feel like a main character.

Make crafts- whether it’s bendy candles, a mushroom out of clay, diy rings, or even painting rocks there’s surely something out there to spice up your room

Read books- as much as people don’t like reading, 99% of the time it’s because they haven’t found the right book yet. If you want amazing book recs go check out @aymancbooks on TikTok. Theres something out there for everyone!

Go outside- yes many people say that fresh air is good for you. It’s not a lie! Go out and take a walk. There’s so many things you can do like having a picnic at a park, stargazing, wearing cottage core clothes and taking the best pictures and whether you are doing it with your best-friend or family or even by yourself there’s always something to love about nature.

Drive around-now for this one you have to be at least 16. Just live your life. It might sound cliche but your the main character so go out there and act like one. Roll your windows down, blast music, get Starbucks, whatever your feeling.

Picture Credits: https://weheartit.com/entry/236551256

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