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Help From Home In Times Of Need

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

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Growing up in an age of technology, there are millions of resources right at our fingertips. This week I chose to write about a mental health app that I use. With a quick search in your app store, you will find dozens of apps, all with different tools and activities relating to your mental health. From my experience, writing in a journal or speaking your thoughts and feelings can be difficult, so using an app to just click on the emotions you are feeling can be a simple way to express your emotions. However, some apps come with dreadful in-app purchases. The app that I have found most helpful in my day to day life is Sanvello.

When you first open the app, you will be asked to log your emotions for a daily mood entry. You rate your mood on a scale from great to awful. Next, you can choose specific feelings, adding as many or as few as you like. These entries are then displayed on a graph, showing how your moods have changed over time. With these moods, the app will also recommend activities. In the tools section of the app, you will see the options to Meditate, track your health, post to your hope board, write your thoughts, set goals, or start a guided journey. My favorite tool is goals, a tool that allows you to set small goals to battle anxiety or help you to get out of bed. It might seem like a silly thing to do, but the little things add up and can help.

Like I said before, apps do come with restrictions, but Sanvelllo has plenty of options available without having to pay. Although, if you would like to get extra help, there is an option to contact a Sanvello therapist. Just like a normal therapist you can schedule appointments to talk with a licensed clinician. Getting help right from the comfort of your home can reduce the stress of speaking face to face with a person, a reason some people choose to not seek out a therapist. From my experience, Sanvello can be very helpful. Whether you choose to use it every day or once a week, thinking about your emotions and taking a step away from social media can be refreshing and rewarding.

Peggy Thompson, TeensForHope Co-Editor

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