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Growing into Yourself

Updated: Jan 12

Have you ever realized you were more economically rich or poor than those around you? Think about that, for a second. Each day you see people, do you ever wonder what it’s like in their life? I like to think we are all flowers, by that I mean we all require different necessities to grow. Some might need more attention than others and that’s okay. Personally, I have always felt a little misplaced throughout my childhood and I didn’t have the opulence of going to the mall and buying luxurious items. I was taught to buy only what you need rather than what you want. I felt embarrassed because there were times I could barely afford my food to go out with my friends. Being a different skin tone than everyone else can feel unique sometimes, but you are put into this bubble of stereotypes. I have been told several times that I can’t go to a University because I am “poor” or that Mexicans can’t get an education. As harsh as that may be, it’s been said more than once to me. That’s just how life is, it tests you. It tells you that you aren’t worthy, but every day you need to tell yourself you are. There will be times where the only person cheering you on is, YOU. You have to believe in yourself when no one else does.

But this is exactly how society paves the way for young adults. Society puts it in our heads that we need the most expensive brand in order to get acceptance from others. Society says “Wear this, or he/she won’t like you”. What makes it worse is the fact that those in the minority have to work extra hard in order to be respected or taken seriously. From experience, I know that if I walked into a fancy restaurant in a primarily white neighborhood, I would get stared at from head to toe. People judge you based on how you look and this needs to stop. I have a darker complexion and growing up I have had to sit down while my parents tell me I need to be aware of racists. No man, woman, or child should have to worry if they will live another day due to the way their skin tone is. Since there will be people who will judge you based on where you’re at in life, it’s important to be brave and be your most authentic self.

As I mentioned before, we are all flowers who are still blooming. You might see a flower not yet bloomed and that’s okay! Each day, we are growing into the person we strive to be. There is always room for growth, no matter where you are in life. The point isn’t to be rich in wealth, but rich in love and support because those around you can help shape you into a beautiful arrangement.

Savala, TeensForHope Writer

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