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Composting 4 Our Planet on April 26th

Updated: Jun 29

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Hello everybody, Walter Einhart, TeensForNature Editor here! Apologies for the lack of posts from me lately, but the last few months have been a little crazy. This post, as well as being my first one in a while, is going to be a bit of a non-traditional one. Instead of talking about an environmental issue affecting the world, I’d like to be a bit more positive and talk about a Ventura, California-based, teen-run environmental group I’ve been working with lately, 4OurPlanet. Apart from being able to work with an amazing group of people, I’ve been lucky enough to help plan some educational events regarding environmental issues! Including, but not limited to, an informational “seminar” on composting. On April 24th, we will be handing out pre-put together, recycled plastic composting bins at Cemetary Memorial Park in Ventura, California. All you have to do from there is join a Zoom meeting on April 26th (information will be given out on the 24th), and we’ll show you how to make your very own compost bin! We will also be providing information about composting, hosting a compost-related Kahoot game, and there will even be a prize! If this sounds interesting to you, and you live in or near Ventura, California, feel free to stop by Cemetary Memorial Park on April 24th to receive your handouts! Have an awesome day everybody!

Edit: Sorry! The dates were wrong, and this is really short notice, but the pickup is on April 22nd (tomorrow) and the actual event is on the 24th (this Saturday).

- Walter Einhart, TeensForNature Editor

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