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Animal Testing

Updated: Jun 29

Image Credits: ABC News

When you were little you may have thought that animal testing was when people put makeup on animals to make them look cuter or let them taste test food. But as nice as that is animal testing is far from cute and safe. According to PETA each year more than 110 million animals are killed in U.S. laboratories.

Animals such as mice, rabbits, birds, dogs, cats, and monkeys are used for purposes of experimentation, drug, food, and cosmetic testing. Many of you may know Ralph the Rabbit short films about the cruelty of animal testing, Ralphs´ story is one of the thousands of rabbits that are used every year for testing in labs. You might be asking ¨what can I do about that?" ¨These companies are huge and globalized¨ Well the short answer is you can do something about it, everyone can. For starters when buying products check to see if they are leaping bunny certified or if it explicitly states that the brand is animal cruelty-free. Brands such as Burts Bees, The Ordinary, Australian Gold, and Wet and Wild are certified as cruelty-free. Making this small change in the brands that you buy from can save hundreds of animals in cages. Making donations to organizations that fight animal testing is also a great way to do your part.

Another way to help out is to educate those around you. Explain to people why testing is harmful, tag your friends on social media posts, and stress the importance of everyone's opinion. Most people are willing to make these changes but just don't know and may not be aware of what these animals go through. You can help bring awareness to your community in so many ways.

Finally, downloading the free peta2 app will help you be up to date with animal justice, victories, new laws/regulations, and new ways to help them either online or locally! So next time you go shopping for your favorite lipstick or household cleaner make sure to look for the bunny of approval.

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