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A Short Guide To Feminism

Updated: Jan 12

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For different people, feminism takes on different shapes and forms. Here are just a few easy and quick ways that you can start making a change and acting in feminism. One of the top ways to become a feminist is to educate yourself. When you educate yourself on any topic you naturally start to understand it more and you become invested in that topic. So when you start researching or expanding your knowledge on women and their types of strengths, disadvantages, struggles, etc, you will begin to understand what the purpose of feminism is. Another way to start getting involved is to be aware. Be aware of subtle sexism, so that you can recognize and point out when someone is being sexist in any way. Sexism can be something as small as a little remark made by a person. Also be aware of yourself and make sure you practice what you preach. Do not let your privileges or past create a wall for the many ways you could act in favor of feminism. Feminism is not anti-men, it is more about the equality and creating of a better future for women. When a woman gets raped by a man and tells her story, that is not calling all men rapists, so don’t assume that. One woman is sharing her story so listen and understand her. When men are talked about in the sense of pay that is not saying men are unfair and so on, that is simply just introducing and pointing out the way that men are treated in a higher respect in society then women are. When being an active feminist you also do not want to stay silent. You must speak out, take action, join groups, make donations, and just do anything that you can that will help make a difference. Feminism is solidarity, so do not work for yourself, work for women and their equality.

Makayla White, TeensForWomen Head Editor

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