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A Nation Divided: We Need Unity

Updated: Mar 19

As a precursor to this piece, I want to explain how I intended for it to be read.

This piece is meant to symbolize the fact that our country cannot have hope for a better future without compatibility and togetherness. Our country should not be divided- by political parties, ethnicity, religion, etc. We should all be working with one another and hoping for a better future, and increased quality of life for all.

This piece is color-coded. The blue text is meant to be from the general point of view of one opinionated group, and the red text is a general point of view of another opinionated group. The purple is a mix of each; it stands as a neutral and central point of view.


The big problem is that (dogs can-('t )-speak,

(Exactly what needs to be heard, and the snowflakes just get their feelings hurt too easily. Those darn snowflakes need to toughen up. They don’t believe that we (-dogs) can-('t) speak a true sentence,)

let alone speak peacefully, so instead they dig their nails into the hoods of cars and run around spreading their diseases like the fire that created them. You can start a fire with almost anything. The important thing is what ("Knock knock!")

You may ask.,

"What happens when someone's immune to the sickness of fire? When they are given a slap on the wrist by the flame instead of the animal being pulled from within?" Well, that's when we end up with (dogs

Who keep things on the right track!)

with the power of humans, able to do whatever they please. That's when the destruction of the hot dog stand turns to the destruction of-

(the “good” generation, who knew how to get things done and respected their (toxic and abusive) elders.)

-a life, drawn out piece by piece. That's how the fire has risen. Destruction of life leads to the rule of the rabids. When you think about it, dogs really only care about eating


We've left the dumpster lid open too long, and now ("Who's there?")

the humanity that we’re born with should be the humanity that we die with. (We [wē]: People in general) After all, we're all mammals. We all have peach fuzz on our faces and feed our infants the milk of (our bodies

are a sacred temple, and anyone who graffitis the temple goes straight to

Hell), We all came from the same place, so what created the dangerous pyramid of society that we all seem to accept? What made us ("Rabid dog!")


have free range-

to that I would say: their respect and humanity/whatever they want, no matter how unfair or harmful

("Rabid dog who?")

It's beautiful how smoke rises, and how bright orange and reds can bite at the air and people and words around it. Fire holds power, and perhaps some magic as well. That magic has turned the men and women of our communities,

(Smart and respectable and wealthy folks who should be praised for their contributions to society.,)

into stray dogs, fed by the power of overturning hot dog stands and watching the meat fall into piles on the sidewalk like the remains of their former bodies, before the fire swallowed them up and gave them

(A mind that can distinguish the lines and boundaries of society, and the definition between different types of people who should be treated differently on account of their wealth, beliefs, and physical features.; which is respectable,

rabies. Although it's believed that the fire turns just anyone into savage dogs, I believe that the animals have always lived inside these people, and the ("Rabid dog YOU!")

empty space in their mouth, they're not heard. The power of staying quiet no longer stands, and that's a miserable

effort. to shut the lid, to hide the trash away and avoid feeding the savages.

(Side One)

Savages are those who don't conform to the careful tribulations of society, and who have a ghastly *sharp inhale* nose piercing.

(Side Two)

Savages are those who expect us to be echoes, and push away the screaming voice that makes us not Democratic, Republican, Independent,

but us.,

The two most dangerous things in this world.(,)

are love and hate. They're both so deep and bottomless that they swallow up a person, and that person keeps falling. Imagine if we all just threw ourselves into the chasm of love, and put a big trampoline right over the hate chasm.

How different things would be

peace? That’s what I’d call a(n) natural fire



In order to create a better arena for us all, we must stand strongly together. We must not be blue or red. We must not be divided. Have hope.

-Mollie Lemasters (TeensForHope Blog Head)

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