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5 Apps To Improve Your Mental Health

Updated: Jun 29

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I get it, sometimes you just feel sad. You might be thinking that there isn’t a way to boost your mood. I am glad to say that you could be wrong. There are ways to boost your mood and make you happier! One way to help your mental health is going outside. Just being outside can make you so much happier. You can do yoga outside, read a book, or draw. But, you might not like going outside and would rather be on your phone inside. That’s not a problem! You can still impact your mental health while being on your phone. I introduce you to: Mental Health Apps! Yes, it might seem a little simple but using these apps can really increase your mood. I am going to share my five favorite ones.

1.I AM

This app is great for when you are low on self-confidence and need a confidence boost. It sends you multiple positive affirmations throughout the day that allow you to have a more positive outlook on things. You can also change what type of affirmations you want to receive such as self care


This app is great for when you have some extra time to just relax. They offer meditations, sleep stories, & sleep music. The meditations are very relaxing. My only problem with the app is that most of the things the offer cost money. But, a few of the things they offer are free.


Calm is a great app if you enjoy meditations. Th app has different meditation series such as “7 Days of Calming Anxiety” and “7 Days of Self Esteem”. These meditations relax you and help you feel good about yourself. These are especially calming before bed to relax you into sleep.


Breathwrk is an app where you do breathing exercises. This app shows a simple way to relieve stress and anxiety, fall asleep faster, energize yourself, or improve endurance. These are some of the things that breathing exercises can do for you. I personally feel more relaxed after doing a breathing exercise from this app.

5.YOUTUBE I know it sounds silly, but laughter really is the best medicine. Studies show that watching funny things help relieve stress. You can watch funny videos from creators such as Collins Key and Rebecca Zamolo. You can also listen to sleep music or ASMR to help you wind down for sleep.

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