What Is The PenPal Finder: 

The Pen Pal Finder is a matchmaking form made by TeensForAll. This finder was made for teens who are not feeling as connected, feel connected! The best part about the finder is that you can write from anywhere! While we are a volunteer organization, we want you to know we will match you to the best of our ability. 

You can fill out the form below to sign up!

How Does The Finder Work?:

The "Letters" will be sent over an email to limit contact. Once you sign up, our team will match you with a pen pal based on your answers in the form.  After that, you send an email to your pen pal's email address. From there it's up to you! You can face time, text, it's all up to you. We have some prompts/themes below if you want to use any of them as conversation starters!

What Are The Rules?:

This pen-pal finder is meant for teens only! Safety is our number one priority. We will not tolerate bullying, catfishing, using derogatory words, or anything that puts you or someone else in danger. We want everyone to be able to have fun and make new friends and enjoy TeensForAll. Also please be considerate, don't say your address or any other important info!



Intro Email: Introduce yourself! (Name, Hobbies, Pastimes)

2nd Email: What would be your ideal vacation, ideal job, etc.

3rd Email: Proudest moment/most embarrassing moment. 

4th Email: What did you do over quarantine, how was online school been, or how is in-person school?
5th Email: Who is your favorite TikTok, is water wet, is fire hot?

** These prompts are totally optional and are examples! They are just fun ideas to get you started. **

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