Meet Our Executive Team

The Public Relations Committee handles all recruitment, marketing, outreach, and partnerships. They work directly with the Founder on all campaigns, recruitment, and use innovative strategies to make TeensForAll more known. 

Chief of Staff

Melody Shadanloo(She/her)


President of Public Relations

Hi! My name is Melody Shadanloo and I'm the President of Public Relations. I live in California and I'm currently a junior in high school. During my free time, I can be found playing tennis and piano or spending time with family and friends. I'm really passionate about mental health, social justice, medicine, and making a positive change in people's lives. I'm really excited to be a leader in TeensForAll and look forward to making new friends!

Samantha Phan (She/her)


Development Project Lead

Hello! I'm Samantha Phan and I'm the Development Project Lead. Currently, I'm a junior in high school living in California. Usually, I can be found listening to music, watching movies, and reading. I'm passionate about allowing the new generation to be able to address their voices in the world's ongoing issues such as mental health and social justice. It's going to be a fun journey with Teens For All and I'm incredibly happy to be working with the team!

Public Relations Committee

Shashank Aitha (He/Him)

Ayme Ortiz (She/Her/Ella)


Marketing Project Lead

Hello! My name is Shashank Aitha and I am the Marketing Project Lead. I’m currently a junior in high school. During my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, playing the piano, and listening to music. I will implement new ideas into the TeensForAll organization and work to make TeensForAll the best it can be! I’m super excited to be a part of TeensForAll!


Outreach Project Lead

Hello everybody, my name is Ayme Ortiz (She/Her/Ella) and I am the Outreach Lead at TeensForAll.  I am currently a junior in high school. Some things that I am involved in are my school's robotics team (go 1159!), Junior State of America, and Angelenos Organizing For Education.  In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, creating more art pieces, watching movies, and talking to friends. I am very passionate about social justice, mental health, and education. I am so excited to be a part of this team and see what we can do with such a great platform.

Thank you for checking out the "Our Team" page. Here you can find all of our Project Leads and Board Members. Our Board Members include the Presidents of the three committees, President, and Vice-President. The Project Leads run their Committee and make sure things are running smoothly. The President of each Committee manages all of the Project Leads and develops ideas for the Committee. Each Committee has its own Cabinet which includes the President of the Committee and the Project Leads for the Committee. There is also a Board that consists of the President, Vice President, and the three Presidents of the Committees. 

Xavier Ramirez (He/Him)



Hello! My name is Xavier Ramirez and I'm the Founder of TeensForAll. I'm currently a Sophomore in Southern California. I'm 16 and some of my hobbies include talking to my friends, playing, and also listening to music, and going to the beach. I hope you enjoy TeensForAll as much as I do!

Peggy Thompson (She/her)


Vice President

Hi! My name is Peggy Thompson (she/her) and I’m the Vice President here at TeensForAll.  Additionally, I also am one of the Co-Hosts on the Talk with Teens podcast! I’m a sophomore in high school and I’m from California. When I’m not in school, I’m usually drawing, hiking, playing with my dogs, or listening to music. I am very passionate about mental health and meeting new people. I’m so glad you found TeensForAll!

Alexis Wangard (She/her)


Partnerships Project Lead

Hi! My name is Alexis Wangard and I am the Associate Director of Partnerships. I am currently a Sophomore in high school. Some things that I am involved in are my school’s soccer team, Robotics team, and Key Club. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, listening to music, and running. I am extremely passionate about mental health and the psychology that is linked within it. I am excited to be a part of TeensForAll!

Media Committee

The Media Committee handles our social media, research of topics pertaining to our four main topics, and the creation of all of our images.

Sherry Jiang (She/her)


President of Media

Hi! My name is Sherry Jiang and I am the Chair of Research. I’m currently a sophomore in high school. I live back in Colorado, but I am currently located on the Island of Hawai’i. During my free time, I love to read, bake, go to the beach, and spend time with my family and friends. I love meeting new people and being a part of something that is trying to bring about change and awareness. I’m super excited to be a part of TeensForAll and I can’t wait to help it grow!

Ligia Alejandra Nelson Braham (She/her)


Research Project Lead

Hi! My name is Ligia, and I'm the Project Lead for Research! I'm from Guatemala. I'm 16 and currently a junior in high school. I have a business called Coco-Utz, where I produce and sell different beauty articles made up of coconut. With the proceeds of my sales, I donate hand sanitizer and also provide conferences about personal hygiene to kids from rural communities of my country; I love education. Some things I enjoy are doing weight-lifting workouts, traveling, studying things I'm interested in, and spending time with my family. I am passionate about science and female empowerment! I'm excited to be part of this amazing team.

Izabella Loubser (She/Her)


Tiktok Project Lead

Hi! My name is Izzy. I’m 15, and a freshman in high school. My hobbies are reading, running, and playing the viola. Along with those, I am very passionate on topics such as climate changes, mental health, and social injustices. I strive to learn more about these issues and spread awareness wherever I can. I’m more than excited to be working with this team.

Anna Gemmell (She/Her)


Instagram Project Lead

Hi! My name is Anna Gemmell. I am the Project Lead for Instagram. Some of my job duties include making sure our Instagram is updated, managing what get's posted, and recruiting some members. Currently, I'm a Junior in high school. Some of my hobbies are painting and drawing. I am very passionate about modern issues in society and I can’t wait to help advocate for a better environment through TeensForAll

Journalism Committee

The Journalism Committee is our biggest committee and they write all of our blogs. There are four main blog branches: TeensForChange, TeensForHope, TeensForWomen, and TeensForNature. 

Mollie Lemasters (She/her)


President of Journalism

I’m Mollie Lemasters, President of Journalism! I am about as artsy as a person as I could be. I am a seasoned writer, and I enjoy guiding people through the process of writing for this organization.

Gracie Puit (She/her)


TeensForChange Project Lead

Hi! I’m Gracie (she/her), I’m 13 years old in 8th grade. I currently live in Minnesota! I’ve been running since I was 7 years old and have loved it ever since. I’m very athletic and the sports I play consist of Cross-country, Track, lacrosse, and basketball! When I’m not playing sports I’m either reading or sewing. I love to travel as-well. I’m so humbled to be apart of this team as the Editor for TeensForChange. What I do is write for TeensForChange and edit all of TeensForChange's Blogs! It is such an amazing opportunity!

Francesca Stamati ( She/her)

Image from iOS.jpg

TeensForWomen Project Lead

Hi, I’m Francesca Stamati and I’m a sophomore in high school! When I’m not at home binge-watching Star Wars or cooking an improvised dish with my dad, I’m either on a long nature walk or hanging out with my friends. I’m passionate about social justice and hope our articles will inspire you to make an impact in your community.

Aratrika Ghosh (She/her)


TeensForHope Project Lead

Hey! My name is Aratrika and I’m a freshman in high school. I’m the TeensForHope Project Lead. for the Journalism Committee. My duties include: Advising TFH writers, writing a topic list, and being there for my fellow TeensForHope Writers. During my spare time, I like to read YA books, listen to music like Taylor Swift, Arctic Monkeys and I like to paint. I also play the flute and swim. I strongly believe that as a community we can make a difference and I’m thankful for this opportunity!

Sarah (She/her)


TeensForNature Project Lead

Hi! I'm Sarah (she/her), I'm sixteen and a junior in high school. I'm the TeensForNature Project Lead as well! I love art, reading, and music. I believe it's important to educate and spread awareness on social issues so others are encouraged to help make a change. I'm very passionate about environmental issues and learning more about the world. I'm also super interested in fashion and hope to have my own sustainable online business one day where I'll up-cycle clothes! I'm so happy to be a part of this team and so excited to see where TeensForAll goes!