Want To Join Us?

TeensForAll is always looking for new writers, leaders, and committee members to join our team. Learn more about our positions and apply below!

Benefits Of Joining TeensForAll:

1. You have the opportunity to join an amazing and kind community that is completely teen-run, focuses on issues occurring in the world, and where everyone's voice can be heard. 
2. Have something worthwhile to put on your resume which you will enjoy doing.
3. Develop useful skills such as creativity, responsibility, communications, organizational skills, innovation, teamwork, and writing. All of which will be useful when you go to college or anywhere else in life. 

What Does TeensForAll Have To Offer Me?

TeensForAll, which was started by Xavier Ramirez a high school sophomore in September 2020. We welcome anyone and everyone to join us! Since our team had no experience running an organization at first, we don't require you to be an expert. Our only requirement is for you to have a passion for social justice, mental health, climate change, and female empowerment. YOUR voice matters and has the power to do many amazing things in this world. So come join us here at TeensForAll to make the world better day by day. 
TeensForAll Executives

TeensForAll Executives are apart of Committees and are known as Directors. The time requirement is 2-4 hours minimum and attending a weekly meeting. 


Each Executive Committee member has their own specific role and position. All members are chosen for their specific position and are expected to be the face of TeensForAll


An application that goes over all the positions will be linked below. All available positions will be on the form.

Members are required to attend weekly meetings and carry out their responsibilities. 

Business Team
TeensForAll's Committees

TeensForAll welcomes everyone to join one of our committees. In these committees, you will be a member that will collaborate with each other to ensure TeensForAll is successful


Each committee works together to brainstorm any ideas and ways to improve TeensForAll

An application that goes over all the info to be a member of one of our committees is linked below. Contact us if you have any questions

Members are required to Bi-Monthly Meetings where they will meet with the rest of their committees. 

Virtual Team Meeting
TeensForAll Blogs

TeensForAll is looking for writers who are passionate about social justice, female empowerment, mental health, and climate change. 

Each member plays an integral role in TeensForAll.

An application that allows you to write for any of our blogs is linked below. 

Members are only required to have a passion for any of the topics our blogs cover and have decent writing skills.

Organized Desk

Want to help a different way? Would you want to create another blog or provide a different skill set? Create a new position? Hit the contact us button below and we will respond within 1-2 days.